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GlassCast 10 Clear Epoxy Casting Resin - 500g Kit

Water-clear epoxy casting resin for thinner sections like 3D resin-art and jewellery up to 10mm thick.

Use clear or add tints, pigments and metallic effects.

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You must read essential safety information contained within the product datasheets before storage and use.

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The Water-Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Ideal for Jewellery

GlassCast 10 is a water-clear, UV resistant clear casting resin developed for smaller or thinner castings such as jewellery, 3D resin-art, gaps/knots/wood inlays and more. It can be used to make parts up to around 10mm thick in a single pour.

Because GlassCast 10 has been developed as a casting resin and not a coating resin, it remains water-clear even in thick sections. It doesn't however, self-level to quite the perfectly flat, glossy finish of our GlassCast 3 coating resin and would require a flat and polish if a perfect finish is required on the open face.

GlassCast 10 Recommended Uses

  • Resin jewellery - clear or tinted
  • Resin and 'secret' wood jewellery
  • 3D resin art - using layers, pigments and effects
  • Clear figurines or castings
  • Pen blanks, knife scales and other blanks
  • Thick counter-tops (up to 10mm) - with embedded objects
  • Simulated water on models or scenarios

GlassCast 10 Advantages

  • Incredibly clear - no epoxy beats it for clarity
  • Highly UV stable - GlassCast 10 is best-in-class
  • Natural air bubble release - almost zero trapped air without degassing
  • Low viscosity - ideal for intricate castings
  • Highly machinable - great for turning, shaping and polishing
  • 100% solids - zero shrinkage
  • No odour - VOC free

How to Use

GlassCast 10 has been developed for professional users to produce the best results possible. It is not a 'craft' product and not intended for children. Before purchase, storage or use you must read the safety and technical data. Having said that, GlassCast 10 is incredibly easy-to-use and delivers fantastic results under a wide range of conditions.

GlassCast 10 is sold as a kit which includes both the resin and hardener. Take a look at our Resin Calculator to work out how much GlassCast you need for your project. When you are ready to pour, measure the resin and hardener at the correct ratio and mix thoroughly. Add any pigments or effects and then pour the resin - no more than 10mm deep - into your mould, cavity or wherever you're using it. The resin will reach initial cure in around 24hrs.

Download the Technical Datasheet from the 'Downloads' tab for full details on correct measuring, mixing and use of the product.

Getting More Creative - Pigments, Tints and Metallics

Although GlassCast 10 is often used completely clear it is also compatible with our complete range of tints, solid-colour pigments and metallic-effect powders. Many other colours and powders can be added too but be sure to conduct a test to ensure compatibility.


Un-cured Properties

Property Units Resin Hardener Combined
Appearance - Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Maximum Casting Thickness mm - - 10
Viscosity (25°C) mPa.s 650 - 950 250 - 350 400 - 600
Density g/cm³ 1.10 - 1.14 0.98 - 1.02 1.08 - 1.12

Working & Cure Times

Hardener Pot-Life @ 25°C Gelation Time @ 25°C 15ml 6mm Gelation Time @ 25°C 100ml Demould Time @ 25°C
GlassCast 10 35 - 45mins 4 - 5hrs 50 - 70mins 18 - 24hrs

Cured Properties

Property Units Result
Colour - Colourless
Machinability - Excellent
Density @ 25°C g/ml 1.08 - 1.12
Hardness @ 25°C Shore D/15 80 - 85
Glass Transition °C 52 - 58
Max Working temperature °C 50
Flexural strength MN/m² 69 - 78
Flexural Elastic modulus MN/m² 2200 - 2700
Maximum Strain % 3.5 - 5.5
Strain at Break % > 15
Tensile strength MN/m² 38.0 - 47.0
Elongation at break % 9 - 13

Questions Asked About GlassCast 10

GlassCast 3 can be poured over both GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50 to give a smooth finish without the need for further sanding and polishing. The epoxy surface will need to be keyed with a 240 grit abrasive paper and thoroughly cleaned prior to pouring the GlassCast 3.

Both parts of the material (the resin and the hardener) are in bottles which are much bigger than they really need to be but that is because we have to use special UN approved bottles and packaging for resins and other Dangerous Goods and there are only so many sizes of these available. The weight on the bottle applies to the weight of the contents and the combined weight of the resin (Part A) and the hardener (Part B) equal the total kit weight.

GlassCast 10 is rated up to 50°C. This makes it unsuitable for use with very hot cups and plates. As such we would only recommend their use for decorative or colder temperature drink/plate use to prevent the part being damaged. Hot plates or cups may well leave a ring on the surface.

Yes the cured GlassCast 10 can be turned in a wood lathe and machined with woodworking tools in general. Allow a minimum of 48 hours to fully harden before machining begins.

Yes, steel brackets or other 'hard points' could be encapsulated into the lower portion of the pour either as is, or recessed into the wood for a flush finish. You would need to ensure the hidden surfaces are fully keyed on the plate to help with adhesion of the metal to the resin. Finally it would be necessary to drill and clean the threads with a tap to ensure the plate is effective.

Yes, you can certainly cast GlassCast into silicone moulds. Whether you should use GlassCast 10 or GlassCast 50 really depends on the thickness of your moulding at its thickest point. By 'thickness', we generally talking about the smallest of 3 dimensions at any point. So, for example, a casting that measures 30mm x 20mm x 3mm we would say is 3mm 'thick'. A casting that is 24mm x 20mm x 30mm we would say is 20mm thick. A sphere of 10mm diameter is 10mm thick. When casting into a silicone mould you can use GlassCast 10 for castings up to 10mm thick and GlassCast 50 for castings up to 50mm thick. If in doubt, go with GlassCast 50, it will still cure fine, in any thickness, but it may take a lot longer.

Yes you can apply varnishes over the top of GlassCast 10. We would recommend giving the surface a light key and thorough clean to aid best adhesion.

The resin will reach its full cure after approximately 7 days.

It would be possible to use the GlassCast 10 for a river table but the normal choice would be our GlassCast 50 Clear Epoxy Casting Resin product which was basically developed specifically for river table applications.

The reason why you would choose GlassCast 50 over GlassCast 10 for a river table is the thickness and size of the section. GlassCast 50 is designed for larger castings (up to 50mm thick in the right circumstances) whereas GlassCast 10 should not be cast in thicknesses more than 10mm, otherwise there is a danger that the resin could overheat during curing. If you check out the GlassCast 50 product page you'll find a whole host of information on using that product for a live edge river table.

We always recommend sealing a wood surface before coating with any of the GlassCast resins. This is because the resin can soak in displacing air and causing bubbles in the resin. Brushing a thin sealing coat of GlassCast over the wood and allowing it to fully cure will prevent this occurring. You would then just need to re-key the surface with sandpaper prior to your main GlassCast pour. Ordinarily you would use the same GlassCast product to seal with as the main pour.

Providing that the wetroom floor was fitted and used in the conventional way; i.e. it was occasionally wet and other times allowed to dry then - other than considerations around slipperiness - it should be OK to use GlassCast for this application.

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