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Pinata Alcohol Inks

These Jacquard Pińata Alcohol Inks are high quality, dye based inks which are compatible with GlassCast epoxy resins. They are popular with jewellery makers and resin coaster artists where alcohol inks can be dripped into epoxy resin to create a unique and attractive colour 'trail' effect.

Offering vibrant, translucent, highly saturated colours, these versatile inks are perfect for creating the amazing and very popular resin 'petri art'.

Our range includes Sunbright Yellow, Calabaza Orange, Senorita Magenta, Passion Purple, Baja Blue, Rainforest Green, Blanco Blanco, Mantilla Black and Rich Gold, all available in handy 0.5oz bottles, or choose the 'Exciter Pack' which offers a great starter selection of Pińata alcohol inks in a great value pack.

For lots of types of alcohol ink resin art, the special 'Blanco Blanco' heavy weight ink is an essential part of the process, being dripped on after the colours to sink them down through the resin. For this reason, we stock the Blanco Blanco ink in both 0.5oz and the large 4oz bottle.

How much do I need?

The amount of alcohol ink you need for a project depends on the effect you are aiming for. If you are creating petri art it’s advisable to work to this approximate guide:

  • Coasters (10cm diameter): 40 drips total
  • Placemats (20cm diameter): 140 drips total


Please be aware that being alcohol based, these alcohol inks are highly flammable – do not use a blow torch or use a heat gun on the inks and avoid any naked flames.

Other uses for Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Inks are fun fluid-art medium which can be used in many different ways and with a wide range of techniques. They are suitable for use with the following surfaces: metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, polymer clay, stone, leather, YUPO paper and more.

If you wish to learn about other art applications using Jacquard Pińata Alcohol Inks please take a look at the manufacturer's website:Pinata Alcohol Inks

These Jacquard Pińata Alcohol Inks are high quality, dye based inks which are compatible with


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