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Black Epoxy Pigment - 500g

Intense solid colour pigments used to completely colour GlassCast Epoxy Resin

Use these colour pigment pastes to achieve opaque coloured resin floors, counter-tops and castings.

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Intense Solid Colour Pigments for Epoxy Resin

These professional solid colour pigments are designed specifically for epoxy resin and can be used to give your GlassCast resin an intense solid colour, perfect for coloured resin flooring, counter-tops, bar-tops and more.

Available Colours

The pigments are sold individually in 500g tins. Choose from Black, White, Dust Grey, Ivory, Emerald Green, Motorway Blue, Lemon Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Signal Red and Chestnut Brown. Colours can be mixed together to create a huge range of colours.

Choose the colour you require from the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Solid Colour Pigment Recommended Uses

  • Resin Floors - use with GlassCast 3 for a glossy coloured resin floor
  • Castings - pigment your GlassCast castings any solid colour
  • Knot Holes - create solid black or coloured fills for knot holes
  • Decorative Flooring/Counter-tops - use as a solid base colour for marble effect floors and counters


  • Intense solid colour
  • Non-fading, UV stable
  • Specifically for epoxy resin

How to Use

These solid colour pigments have been developed for professional users to produce the best results possible. They are not 'craft' products and are not intended for children. Before purchase, storage or use you must read the safety and technical datasheets.

Darker colours like black, green and blue are typically added at around 2% by weight whereas lighter colours like yellow and white usually higher percentages like 8-10% to achieve the same opacity.

These solid colour pigments are supplied as a thick paste. Simply stir the appropriate amount of pigment into your GlassCast epoxy resin before adding the hardener. When the pigment is thoroughly dispersed check the opacity of the colour by testing it at the appropriate thickness over your substrate. If necessary, add more pigment to achieve the required opacity.

Questions Asked About Solid Colour Pigments

Yes, if you use less solid colour pigment the intensity of the colour will be less. If you are looking for a tint rather than a solid colour you may find the GlassCast translucent tinting pigments to be a better option.

The solid colour epoxy pigments are excellent in terms of light fastness and weathering characteristics.

The pigment ratio is based on the total weight of the resin AND hardener. However, for mixing purposes we always recommend adding the pigment to the resin part BEFORE adding the hardener to allow you plenty of time to properly mix, so that means you will just need to plan ahead slightly so you know what your total resin and hardener mix will weigh.

The solid colour epoxy pigments have a stated shelf-life of 12 months. Make sure the containers are sealed correctly and stored appropriately.

We are aware of the solid colour epoxy pigments working correctly up to 3 years after purchase although we would never sell old pigments.

Yes, certainly. In fact, with the range of pigments that we carry, you can mix them together to achieve just about any colour you need.

The solid colour epoxy pigment range are thick liquid pastes (dispersion).

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