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How to choose the right epoxy for your resin project

If you're reading this then you've probably already joined the many thousand professionals and serious hobbyists who have chosen GlassCast clear epoxy resin for their creative projects but you maybe don't feel 100% sure which GlassCast resin you need... This page is here to help!

There are currently three resins in the GlassCast range; GlassCast 3, 10 and 50. The numbers relate to the thickness, in millimetres, that each resin is typically used at; i.e. 3mm, 10mm and 50mm.

As well as the different thicknesses, these resins are also intended for slightly different purposes. GlassCast 3 is a coating resin and has been developed to offer the smoothest, flattest surface finish possible. GlassCast 10 and 50 are casting resins, they are designed to offer the clearest, bubble-free castings possible when doing thicker pours but don't offer quite the same smooth, shiny surface finish as the GlassCast 3.

Probably the easiest way to make the right choice is to match the resin to the specific project that you're doing using the table below. If you don't see your project listed, choose the closest project in terms of resin thickness and any finishing work (routing, flatting, polishing) the project would require.

Glossy Coatings

up to 5mm thick

Typical application for GlassCast 3 include resin penny floors and glossy bartops

For projects like:

  • Penny Floors
  • Or resin over other objects/textures
  • Decorative Floors
  • Using colours or metallic effects
  • Clear Coating on Artwork
  • Resin Art
  • Using colour pigment and effects
  • Countertops / Kitchen Units
  • Using colour pigment and effects
  • Glossy Bartops and Tabletops
  • Clear coating over wood
  • Doming Labels / Badges
  • Resin Surfaces
  • Over planks, pallet wood etc.

Smaller Castings

up to 10mm thick

Typical applications for GlassCast 10 include wood and resin jewellery and artistic coasters

For projects like:

  • Resin Jewellery
  • Clear or tinted
  • Wood and Resin Jewellery
  • With or without tints and effects
  • 3D Resin Art
  • Using layers, pigments and effects
  • Clear Figurines or Castings
  • Into moulds like RTV silicone
  • Pen Blanks
  • Using marbled colour and effects
  • Knife Handles and Mikarta
  • With Various Fabrics and materials
  • Thick Countertops
  • Up to 10mm, with inclusions
  • Resin Surfaces
  • Similuated Water
  • For models and dioramas

Thick Castings

up to 50mm thick

Typical applications for GlassCast 10 include river tables and clear resin guitars

For projects like:

  • River Tables
  • Clear or with tints or effects
  • Knot-Holes and Large Gaps
  • Clear or with tints or effects
  • Clear Casting
  • Figurines, larger jewellery, paperweights
  • Wood Turning
  • Bowls, larger turning blanks
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