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About GlassCast Resin

The GlassCast Resin website is owned and operated by Easy Composites Ltd.

The original GlassCast® Resin was launched by Easy Composites Ltd in 2015 to meet the growing demand for a high quality, specialist resin which could be poured over a wide variety of substrates (such as floorings, counters, bar-tops and furniture) to leave a hard-wearing, perfectly smooth, glossy finish.

Since then, new GlassCast® resins have been developed and added into the range to meet different, specific challenges. GlassCast 10 was added for jewellery-makers needing a super-clear and bright resin that cures in a reasonable time whilst GlassCast 50 has become the international standard in clear epoxy resin for thick cast sections, especially in and around wood – such as river tables.

To support GlassCast® in the best way we can, we've added dedicated 'GlassCast' technical and customer service staff to our team, created this separate website and launched our GlassCast social media pages where everyone can discuss and share what they're doing with this amazing resin.

So; Easy Composites is the company behind GlassCast but within Easy Composites there is a team dedicated to supporting and developing GlassCast and it's this team you're likely to speak to when you get in touch so if you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us by phone, email or through our social media channels where we would be delighted to hear from you.


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