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Set of 16 x 3g SHIMR Metallic Pigment Powders

High quality metallic-effect powder pigments for use with GlassCast® clear epoxy casting and coating resins. Adding just a few grams of these potent powders to your resin will create eye-catching shimmering colour effects which move and react in the light.

Metallic-effect pigment powders to add shimmering colour to epoxy resin castings and coatings

These metallic powders are 100% compatible with GlassCast clear epoxy resin and can be added at a range of different concentrations to achieve different effects.

SHIMR powders can be added to GlassCast to create gorgeous rippled metallic effects in river tables, pen-blanks, counter-tops, castings and more.

Adding tiny percentages will create a shimmering effect where it is still possible to see down through the resin, resulting in a casting that remains translucent but which is tinted by the colour of the SHIMR powder and also shimmers in the light. Adding a higher percentage will produce a solid-colour appearance with an appearance similar to metallic paint.

How to Use

It's really easy to get started with SHIMR powders but there are lots of opportunities to develop your own creative techniques as you experiment with them. One of the most distinctive features of the powders is the way that that 'swirls' are produced when you pour or stir through resin that's been pigmented with them, allowing amazing patterns to be created.

For other creative effects try mixing different coloured SHIMR powders together or try carefully pouring resin tinted with different colours together to create 'marble' effects. SHIMR powders can also be combined with our Resin Tinting Pigments to add some sparkle to tinted resin.

How much do I need?

The concentration of SHIMR powder you will need will depend on the thickness of your coating or casting and the type of appearance you want to create. To achieve a similar level of colouration, thinner coatings will need a higher percentage of pigment than thicker castings.

Use the table below as a rough guide.

1kg Resin 5kg Resin 32kg Resin
Weight in g 7 35 224

Mixing into your resin

It's generally best to mix SHIMR powders into your GlassCast resin before you add the hardener, this gives you all the time you need to ensure the powder is properly dispersed. Start small and then add more if you need it.

Adding SHIMR to the resin before adding the hardener also means that you can pigment a whole batch of resin and then use it on multiple occasions but remember that the colour intensity will be reduced slightly when you add the hardener.

Combining with other pigments

There is no limit to the creative effects that you can achieve with GlassCast resin and SHIMR powders:

  • Make your own unique colours by mixing any number of different SHIMR powders together.
  • Add a small amount of SHIMR powder into resin that's been tinted using our Resin Tinting Pigments to add some sparkle to translucent castings
  • Mix up separate pots of GlassCast coloured with different SHIMR powders and then carefully combine them to produce a 'marbled' effect.

Pack Sizes

SHIMR powders are available in individual colours and sizes. The smallest pots are also available as a box set.

  • 3g, 20g and 100g pots available in all colours.
  • Box Set of full colour range - 3g pots x 16 colours.

Questions Asked About Metallic Pigments

To some extent, the answer to both questions is yes. The pigment adds a coloured metallic effect to the resin as the powder contains coloured pigments and metallic flakes but it does rather depend on the amount of powder pigment added. In very low amounts it will look more like coloured glitter flecks surrounded by clear resin whereas adding larger amounts will give an opaque coloured metallic appearance.

There is sometimes a little settling of some parts of the pigment and it does move around within the resin a lot creating different visual effects - like swirling. However it is generally held in suspension within the resin and does not sink or float on the surface. Some users go back to the pigmented resin after it has been poured a little while and create patterns in the resin.

The sample domes used in the product images were approximately 2% pigment powder measured by weight.

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