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NW1 Super Cutting Compound - 100g

Advanced, fast cutting polishing compound developed specifically for tough plastics like cured epoxy resin.

This high-tech polishing compound will cut faster and take the surface of your cured epoxy resin from a 1200 grit paper finish to a high level of gloss either by hand or using a power polisher.

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Coarse Cutting/Polishing Compound for Epoxy Resin

NW1 is a coarse, fast-cutting polishing compound developed specifically for tough plastics such as epoxy resin. This advanced polishing compound can transform a satin 1200 grit finished surface to a high level of gloss in just a few minutes using a power polisher. For smaller areas, the compound can also be hand polished to a gloss finish.

NW1 is highly recommended for use with all GlassCast resins and is ideal for finishing jewellery, table-tops, counters, river tables and many more projects that have been flatted to around a 1200 grit with abrasive paper.

Suggested Uses

NW1 is perfect for polishing clear or coloured GlassCast epoxy resin projects and can be used when finishing a new piece, repairing damage or restoring gloss to an old countertop, bartop or floor that has become scratched over time.

  • Polishing the resin on river tables
  • Polishing jewellery such as 'secret' wood pieces
  • Polishing edges that have been flatted on artwork
  • Re-polishing tabletops, bartops and counter tops that have become scratched or been repaired.

NW1 Super Cutting Compound Advantages

  • Designed for hard plastics - much faster cutting than general compounds like 'T-Cut'
  • Self lubricating - reduces heat build-up
  • 'Diminishing' action means the paste goes from coarse to fine as you polish
  • Pigment free formulation reduces the risk of marking surround wood/materials

How to Use

Before attempting to polish your cured GlassCast epoxy resin, it should have been properly flatted and sanded to a smooth 1200 grit finish using abrasive papers. It is very important that this flatting is done properly, working from coarse through to very fine papers without skipping any grits.

Once the surface is ready to polish, apply a liberal amount of the NW1 Super Cutting Compound using a clean cloth or wipe. A power polisher will yield the best results in the shortest possible time but it is also possible to polish epoxy resin using NW1 by hand.

If using a power-polisher, it is suggested to use a hard or medium hard (orange) polishing pad to match the NW1's coarse cutting action. When polishing, be careful to keep the pad moving so as to avoid building up too much heat in the resin. Add more compound as necessary.

You will find that the compound goes from a coarse cutting action to a finer polishing action as the compound itself breaks down. This means that you would normally want to finish off the final passes using compound that has been on the pad for some time, rather than new compound.

Finishing To an Even Higher Gloss

In some situations, you may be looking for an even higher level of gloss than the coarse NW1 compound can provide. If this is the case then NW1 can be followed by TOPFINISH2 Ultra Gloss Polishing Compound to achieve mirror-finish levels of gloss.

Questions Asked About Fast Cutting Compound

Our NW1 is suited to both hand and machine application making it a great all round polishing compound.

It's hard to say how much compound gets used when polishing because it rather depends on how many times you need to go forwards and backwards between compound and papers (often you find there are still scratches and need to go back to the papers again!). In really broad terms, which I think is all it's realistic to come up with, I would say that for a one-off project, even a large one like polishing a whole resin-coated table, then the smallest 100g packs would be sufficient. This would apply to both types of compound (NW1 and the TOPFINISH2).

If you're using compounds regularly, for example if you're making resin products as a business, then you would have either the 500g or 1kg packs in stock and work your way through them over a period of months, replacing when necessary. Certainly a 500g pack of NW1 would be more than enough compound for lots (maybe 10+) river tables, for example.

Hand application of NW1 is best done with a clean microfibre cloth to apply the compound and a second clean microfibre cloth to buff off.

Yes, the NW1 White polishing compound is compatible with all of the GlassCast range of epoxy surface and casting resins.

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