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Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper Combination Pack - 10 Sheets

High quality wet-and-dry (waterproof) abrasive paper perfect for smoothing and flatting cured epoxy resin before finishing with a polishing compound.

Available in a wide range of grits from 120 to 1200 grit or in a combination pack containing all 5 grits. Choose from a pack of 10 sheets or a full box of 50 sheets for those larger projects.

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Abrasive Papers Perfect For Flatting Epoxy Resin

At one point or another, almost all GlassCast resin projects will require good quality abrasive papers in order to flat the resin prior to finishing with a polishing compound.

Good quality abrasive paper pays for itself many times over with faster cutting, less clogging, less crumbling and durable waterproof construction allowing the papers to be used wet or dry. At GlassCast we recommend and supply top-quality Mirka papers to help you get the perfect finish on your epoxy resin project.

Use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose between 120, 240, 400, 800 and 1200 grit papers. The lower the number, the coarser the grit. The drop-down list also includes the option for the 'combination pack' which includes a selection of all of the available grits.

Use the second drop-down to choose the pack size you require. Choose between packs of 10 sheets or the full box of 50 sheets.

How to Use

If you need to flat and finish your epoxy resin surface from a rough starting point, such as a router or sander finish, it is almost always necessary to work your way up through all of the grits, starting at 120 to remove coarse machining marks and then progressing up through each grit all the way to 1200 grit. At 1200 grit it is usual to switch to a polishing compound to finish the resin to a full gloss.

These abrasive papers can be used by hand or fitted into an orbital or dual action (DA) sander and come in sheet sizes of 230mm x 280mm.

When sanding/flatting by hand it is recommended to use a proper sanding block or at least wrap the paper around a flat block of some description to improve the flatness of the finish, especially when working with the coarser grits like 120 and 240.

All the abrasive papers in this range can be used wet or dry. Wet-sanding can significantly help prevent the paper from clogging, getting the sanding done quicker, better and using less abrasive paper.

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