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Calibrated Mixing Cup 1300ml

These re-usable, calibrated mixing cups are ideal for mixing GlassCast epoxy resins that require a mix ratio by volume - such as GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. Even when weighing your resin out, they are still a handy reusable pot for mixing resin.

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Calibrated Mixing Cups, Perfect for Measuring and Mixing Epoxy

These reusable, calibrated mixing cups are ideal for mixing GlassCast epoxy resins that require a mix ratio by volume - such as the GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. Even when weighing your resin out, they are still a handy reusable pot for mixing resin.

The mixing cups are made from polypropylene which means that epoxy resin will not stick to them and they feature square corners which are better for thorough mixing.

The cups are available in two sizes; 1300ml and 2240ml. To allow plenty of room for mixing we suggest batches of around 1kg in the 1300ml cup and 2kg in the 2240ml cup. Choose the size you require from the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Calibrated Mixing Cup Advantages

  • Non-stick polypropylene material
  • Includes 2:1 by volume ratio calibration
  • Square corners for thorough mixing

How to Use

Using the Calibration

The calibration marks shown on the cup can be used to get accurate ratios of resin to hardener when using ratios provided in parts by volume. It should be noted that these calibrated ratios should NOT be used when you are using a parts by weight ratio where scales should be used instead.

We suggest using the calibrated ratios on the mixing cups for resins where the easiest mix ratio is given in parts-by-volume, such as GlassCast 10 or GlassCast 50 which use a 2:1 by volume mix ratio.

To use the calibration in this way, locate the markings on the cup which relate to a 2:1 mix ratio. You will see a number of stepped lines which run from 'A' to 'B'. To measure resin and hardener at a 2:1 mix ratio, simply fill the cup with resin to the bottom 'A' mark on one of these lines and then add hardener until you reach the top 'B' mark on the same line. Simple!

General Use

When mixing resin, it is strongly recommended to use a mixing cup with square corners and then use a mixing stick which also has square corners. This allows resin or hardener to be properly mixed, even in tight corners. Never use a mixing stick with round corners otherwise unmixed resin is likely to collect in these areas. Our Reusable Resin Mixing Stick is highly recommended to use with these calibrated cups.

Because these calibrated mixing cups are made from non-stick polypropylene, in many cases the easiest way to clear them is to allow the resin to cure fully and then remove it in one from the cup. Please note that although the cups can be re-used in this way, they are only thin-walled and so occasional breakages should be expected.

Questions Asked About Calibrated Mixing Cups

The dimensions of the Calibrated Mixing cups are as follows:

1300ml Size

Height (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Inside Diameter (mm)

2240ml Size

Height (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Inside Diameter (mm)

The basic way is to wipe out leftover resin with a tissue and then clean off any residual resin with some more tissue wetted out with a solvent such as acetone or methylated spirit.

Another common way to clean the cups after use is to simply let any residual/leftover resin cure in them fully and then once it can cured it can usually be knocked out as a whole, cured piece of resin. This tends to work well for the 'second mix' pot if you're doing a 'double potting' procedure because all of the resin that's in the pot will have already been mixed and so will cure fully. It tends not to work so well for the first cup where residual resin on the sides or in the corners is often not fully mixed and so doesn't fully cure. In this case you normally need to wipe the uncured resin out with some tissue to remove it and then clean the cup with more tissue and some solvent, such as acetone or methylated spirit.

To avoid spilling resin during a thorough mixing process, it is recommended to keep the total batch size under 1000ml for the 1300ml cup size and under 1800ml for the 2240ml cup size.

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