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Yew, Resin and Sea Shells Table

by Sole Woodcrafts

You won’t find another table like this!

Syzmon from Sole Woodcrafts created this stunning table using a Slice of Yew split in to six pieces after the bark was removed to create this unique arrangement, GlassCast Resin and found items.

Syzmon poured a thin base of black epoxy which he then covered with found items brought back from Ibiza and Formentera, including sea shells, stones of various sizes, some artificial plants and a few wooden branches. All this was then topped up with clear epoxy so that you can see the uniqueness of the wood and its surroundings.

To finish the table was mounted on the fabulous steel legs which were designed in house. Powder coated, box section in textured black - they really complement the look.

Thanks for sharing your amazing project with us Syzmon - and you're right there isn't another one like it!

About Sole Woodcrafts

Szymon (Simon) Jakubczyk is a woodworking enthusiast whose currently working as a kitchen fitter in Berkshire.

Outside of his current job Szymon has set up a tiny workshop in his garage and dining room where he spends his time working on his own projects. Szymon has come a long way as a result of self learning through reading about the subject and watching millions of YouTube videos.

When Szymon isn't undertaking his main work he hand crafts artisan furniture and wall art pieces where he combines epoxy resin with different types of live edge wood. He recently began creating wall art pieces made of MDF combined with epoxy resin and is now working on a round wooden lamp with epoxy centre - we look forward to seeing your next project!

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