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Marble Effect Resin Floor

by Andre Lefevre

Andre created this stunning floor using GlassCast 3 Coating Resin which he pigmented with solid white and added details like the veins and effects to replicate a marble effect using Shimr Metallic powders and inlaid a border design to complete this incredible look.

The shine is amazing Andre, thanks for sharing your project with us!

About Andre Lefevre

Andre has been working with GlassCast Resin for over two years.

Creating tiles or panels to become flooring or splashbacks using embedded objects such as pennies, pouring decorative work tops and counter tops and more recently Andre has been pouring entire floors in solid colours with beautiful detail - like large scale resin art and like this stunning gallery entry replicating marble with solid colours and metallic pigments to create veins and effects.

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