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Resin Memorials and Keepsakes

by Forget me not Memorials

This small selection of the memorial and keepsake pieces displayed are just a few of the range that Alison offers her customers and are created using GlassCast Resin to encapsulate hair/fur, ashes, preserved flowers and various other objects.

'GlassCast is so easy to work with due to it's fantastic working time and is very forgiving if I need to remove or move items around for better positioning in the resin' says Alison about GlassCast- thanks for sharing some of your work, they are beautiful!

About Forget me not Memorials

Alison from Forget me not Memorials has been working with arts and crafts for years in her spare time, finding it to be a great release from the stress and pressure of everyday life.

Being fortunate to be around horses all her life, and when a friend lost her horse she wanted to make her something special as a memorial piece.

Alison created a bracelet which encapsulated some of the horses hair within it and working with resin and creating memorial pieces spiralled from that point.

Alison has a full time day job working in a special needs school and runs 'Forget Me Not Memorials' in her free time and has tested many resins along the way before finding GlassCast to be the best for her pieces, with it's long working time allowing Alison to get perfect results.

Specialising in bereavement jewellery, keepsake items and the encapsulation of ashes, hair and fur into a vast array of pieces from bookmarks to pendants and paperweights to cuff-links.

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