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Resin and Yew Surfboard

by Darren Nicholas

Darren from Bournemouth, Dorset created this stunning resin and wood piece titled 'The Scream'. This incredible surfboard was the first of Darren’s creations following an 18 month treatment session in hospital and to aid his recovery process he went back to creating and making bespoke pieces of “art”.

Darren used a plank of Yew along with clear GlassCast 50 & pigmented resin colours to help recreate the Dorset sea colours which went into this incredible design.

Inspiration and the initial thinking and meaning behind the idea for the Surfboard came from the love of the Coast & creating unusual pieces from wood then protecting and encasing the wood in resin, the deeper meaning being the way that Darren was protected in hospital and surrounded by experts. It was only after finishing the Surfboard that the name “The Scream” was decided upon, after Darren's sister noticed an abstract image within the wood of a twisted and pained face, which may be a reflection of the previous 18 months.

About Darren Nicholas

Darren has always been interested in creating unusual pieces of art using a mixture of techniques. Having been fully trained in the Royal Air Force up to the level of a Member of the Institute of Carpenters and gaining full qualifications in Purpose Made Joinery and Site Practice Joinery, for the last 20+ years Darren has been employed in the Aircraft Interior Design Sector which has been a very interesting career but he loves to find the time to create pieces like this one and take on a small number of commission pieces for close friends and family.

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