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Beauty Tray and Chopping Boards

by Eitan Furniture

These stunning pieces are created by Eitan and his daughters using interesting wood, GlassCast 50 and many different pigments to create beautiful 3D effects in the layered resin.

The collection of shopping boards were made with two layers of resin and a mix of pigments and recycled solid oak.

The beauty tray was made from recycled walnut and handmade handles with two layers of GlassCast 50 pigmented with pastel tones.

About Eitan Furniture

Eitan Furniture started during lock down and having the time to take up a hobby after seeing lots of YouTube Videos on creating furniture incorporating resin.

Eitan started with a table using recycled wood and GlassCast Resin. His daughter Nicole then got involved by instagramming the process and helping to pick out the colours. This generated lots of online interest with people commenting how amazing the board looked and Eitan Furniture started getting orders. Nicole then got her twin sister Danielle involved and things took off from there.

The family are still learning as they go along, but their style and use of colour and using the resin in layers to create different effects, gives their pieces an amazing 3D effect.

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