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Lego and Marbles Resin and Wood Guitar

by Stone Wolf Guitars

Master luthier, Mike from Stone Wolf Guitars created this commission guitar for one of his customers incorporating Lego and marbles into the wood and resin design.

Mike used GlassCast 50 very lightly tinted with just a few drops of the GlassCast CULR pigment in Tomato Red to give a faint, translucent pink tint to the resin. Having the solid resin body was then shaped into the guitar body before polishing and finishing to a high gloss shine.

About Stone Wolf Guitars

Mike has been building guitars under the brand Stone Wolf Guitars, since 2013. He always loved to experiment with different building materials, and incorporating resin into his guitars was a natural fit.

He made his first resin/burl hybrid model, "The Catalyst" in 2016 and since then has used resin in many different ways to augment his designs. The Syrtis model uses resin channels to connect a centre "core" section to the outer "wing" sections. This gives the Syrtis models a huge opportunity for customisation.

Mike also experimented with soaking layers of fabric in resin and creating laminated tops for his guitars. These top also have a great scope for customisation and colour mixes. Mike's goal with Stone Wolf Guitars is to offer its clients with a totally unique instrument and experience.

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