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Epoxy Resin and Wood LED Lamp

by David Grant

David had two Beech tree stumps gifted by a friend and created this amazing standing lamp using the Phillips Hue LED Strip lighting, to ensure it would be compatible with other products he owned.

David shaped the Beech into the base shape and worked out the logistics of putting together a lamp of this design. He then used more of the Beech to create one half of the upright which would house the LED Strip with the controller sitting in the base section. David needed the upright to have a 30mm diameter so used a clear perspex tube to encase the strip so he could pour the resin part of the upright.

Taking advantage of the technical team, David used their advice to navigate his way through the process and begin casting the GlassCast Resin. Carrying out some opacity test pieces to work out how much pigment to add so that the LED's would still pass through when lit, this didn't give the desired results so David cast the project with clear GlassCast.

Once the resin had fully cured, David checked the functionality of the light and it's compatibility with the other products he owned and it all worked great, David then de-moulded the upright and bonded the two parts of the Lamp together and finishing the resin and wood with abrasive papers and the controller secured in the base section, also adding a white top and bottom resin piece to complete the look.

The final touch was to apply a wood dye and finally three coats of clear wax to the Beech and the result is what you can see in the images - thank you for sharing David, it's a great project!

About David Grant

When thinking about technology from our past and the future, David finds it very inspirational and wonder what advancements are to come. Being born in 1965 it would be a good 25 years before technology truly began to influence his life.

Fast forward to 2020, and technology has many manifestations and is integrated into our everyday life from work, rest and play and David embraces these advancements, whilst others shy away.

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