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Wood and Resin Trio of Serving Boards

by CC Woodwork

This trio of beautiful serving boards were created using GlassCast 3 Resin which Cas used various pigments to create these beautiful effects.

The Champagne board was made using used corks set in resin. Cas poured the GlasssCast in layers to encapsulate the corks before applying a final flood coat to produce the glossy smooth surface.

The blue board used a piece of waney-edge Walnut against a river cast using blue metallic pigment which was swirled to make the patterns.

The third board was created using a piece of Yew and lighter metallic blue against white pigment to create an ocean effect next to the Wood.

Thanks for sharing them Cas, they're all stunning!

About CC Woodwork

Cas is a hobbyist woodworker from Greenwich in London, and in his spare time produces small custom pieces for commission.

Cas got into resin due to it being really accessible and produces great effects. GlassCast was his choice for epoxy resin because of the supporting literature and videos on the GlassCast Resin website which gave him useful starting tips.

These serving boards have been a huge success and Cas has several orders from word of mouth stacking up!

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