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Floral Candle Holders

by E.B Flower Preservation

Emily from E.B Flower Preservation makes Botanical Resin Keepsakes using GlassCast 10 Resin and preserved flowers.

Emily personally preserves the flowers being encapsulating them in a resin pour in silicone moulds to capture their beauty. Using GlassCast 10 casting Resin poured in layers, Emily is able to build up the depth of the casting to any thickness and produce these beautiful pieces.

About E.B Flower Preservation

Emily is a resin artist from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK who creates unique pieces of artwork and accessories and keepsakes using real flowers.

Emily has had a passion for art for as long as she can remember, and unfortunately, working in an administration role at a desk wasn't fulfilling this dream! Emily's resin journey has been a long one, filled with plenty of learning curves. Starting out at the very bottom with both her learning and resources, with just an idea and a few YouTube tutorials, quickly learning that much of working with and perfecting resin is down to trial and error on both products and methods. Emily has come to gain a great passion for resin and preserving flowers within it. Being able to make a flower live forever and preserving her customers special memories drives this passion even more!

Emily specialises in preserving wedding and funeral flowers, but also makes custom orders upon request.

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