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Geode Resin Artwork

by GCC Artworks

Gemma from GCC Artworks produced this amazing Geode using GlassCast Resin and Inks - it's an absolutely stunning statement piece incorporating stones and embellishments and lots of gorgeous gold!

About GCC Artworks

Gemma Taylor is a Fluid Artist working under the name GCC Artworks, creating from her studio/shop in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Working mainly with resin and ink, she also incorporates various mixed media to add texture and depth to her work. Gemma often draws on nature for influences in terms of hues and composition, but does not restrict herself to any one colour palette or style, preferring to continuously experiment with mediums, materials and substrates to create unique artworks that people simply wish to look at.

Her aim is to bring Art to everyday life, so you will also find her artworks taking the form of home accessories, gifts and jewellery.

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