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Epoxy and Honeycomb Coat Rack

by Elliot Design

Antony from Elliot Design created this stunning coat rack using GlassCast Resin and CULR pigments combined with genuine aerospace aluminium honeycomb (from Easy Composites Ltd) to create the stunning honeycomb resin inlay.

The high tech honeycomb appearance looks amazing next to the wood, giving a natural and industrial look!

About Elliot Design

Antony from Elliot Design is an independent designer and woodworker based in Wakefield.

With a focus on hand made furniture designed and built to last for generations. Antony hand selects all his timber looking for interesting figure, grain patterns and colours. Then creates pieces that are individual, using clean lines that allow the natural beauty of the timber to take centre stage, imperfections in the wood are not hidden but rather embraced and highlighted, adding an extra level of uniqueness and character to each piece.

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