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Black and Red Elm River Table

by Scottish Woodcraft GB

Mark from Scottish Woodcraft GB created this stunning red and black Elm river table from design to completion.

Made using GlassCast 50 resin pigmented with red and black metallic powders which Mark poured and worked into the beautiful swirls and once cured Metallic black gloss legs were added to finish and complement the black running though the resin river.

About Scottish Woodcraft GB

Mark Grant from Scottish Woodcraft GB, has enjoyed making river tables since 2018.

Every table is unique and individual in its own way and Mark has always had an image of how he would like the table to turn out.

By experimenting with GlassCast 50 and using metallic powder pigments he has loved the process of making the tables and the results he has achieved.

Tables Mark has made have varied from being completely opaque, through to transparent rivers and combining the two effects into the same table, and using multiple colours in the same piece to achieve a desired effect Mark has found is much more of an art form than science!

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