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Wood and Resin Apple

by AW Epoxy Design

Thanks to customer Ashleigh Whilock from AW Epoxy Design for sharing this incredible wood and resin Apple, made with GlassCast 50 tinted with a blue pigment. Then finished with a coat of GlassCast 3 for that amazing shine.

Thanks for sharing Ash - It's stunning!

About AW Epoxy Design

Ash from AW Epoxy Design got into woodworking and working with resin when she saw a photo of a river table on Facebook one day and wondered how they were made and did a little research and found that they were made from epoxy resin.

Ash's first project wasn’t a river table it was an epoxy coated wooden bowl with epoxy filled cracks. Ash creates her own designs but also create commissions with customers. Her dream project would be a dining table sized river table.

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