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Mould Release Wax - 100g Tin

Mould release wax is the traditional and still most commonly used release agent in resin casting and composites. Apply to the surface of a mould using a rag, buff off and repeat applications. Suitable for use with the GlassCast range of Epoxy resins. Ambient temperature only.

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Meguiar's #8 Mirror Glaze Mould Release Wax

Mould Release Wax

Mould release wax is the most traditional and still commonly used release agent in composites and resin casting.

Our Mould Release Wax is chosen because of it's excellent release properties, easy application and exceptional mirror finish shine.

These handy 15g and 100g tins should provide plenty of wax for one off jobs or repeated castings.

Suggested Uses

Mould Release Wax can be used on its own to provide a reliable release surface when doing resin casts using GlassCast epoxy resins as well as other resin systems such as polyester, polyurethane and vinylester. Although it is not suitable for high temperature applications such as elevated temperature cure over 50°C.

How to Use

Ensure the mould surface is properly sealed (porous mould surfaces such as wood or plaster must be sealed prior to the application of any mould release agent) clean and free of contaminants.

Using a clean, lint-free cloth collect a small amount of wax on the cloth (like you would shoe polish) and then begin to apply to the surface of your mould in small circular motions. Ensure you cover the entire mould surface, paying particular attention to any tight corners.

Allow the wax to dry which will cause its appearance to 'matt off' slightly making the swirls more apparent on the mould surface. This will take around 15mins.

Using a different, clean, lint-free cloth start to gently skim the cloth over the surface of the mould. This will start to gently smooth out the swirl pattern of the wax. Always keep you pressure very light, you want to polish the wax, not remove it from the mould's surface. Once the surface of the mould looks completely swirl free and shiny you should repeat the application of the wax about 3 more times, each time following the same procedure as above.

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