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English Yew River Table made using GlassCast 50 epoxy resin

English Yew River Table using GlassCast®50 by ManorWood Designs

Andy from ManorWood Designs creates artisan pieces of furniture and wall art, working with character wood, GlassCast Resin and pigments Andy is able to produce bespoke high-end unique pieces.

Operating a zero-waste policy, and with a fully kitted workshop, Andy is able to utilise off-cuts from large projects for smaller projects and by using GlassCast Resin he can make an otherwise unusable piece of wood into a work of art.

ManorWood Designs specialise in one of a kind projects on any scale and often document their work for their very popular YouTube channel. Their most popular project video to date is the stunning 'Yew Epoxy Resin Coffee Table' which Andy used GlassCast 50 to cast deep sections of clear and pigmented resin before finishing with steam bent oak legs.

We love the Yew table so much that we utilise images of it on our website and our How to make a Resin River Table eBook!

"ManorWood Designs produce outstanding pieces of furniture using GlassCast Resin. Andy also contacts our technical team for advice and has adapted his workshop and equipment, as he strives to achieve the best results in his projects."

"The GlassCast Resin team are proud to offer the product of choice for ManorWood Designs and the specialist technical support makers need to produce such stunning pieces."

GlassCast Resin

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Mike Payne from Stone Wolf Guitars

"I have been using GlassCast Resin for a couple of years now, I design and make Furniture and Wall Art using mainly local and Raw English Hardwoods. I use GlassCast Resin not only for its stunning looks on my designs but also to add structure to wooden slabs that would once have only been fit for firewood!"

"GlassCast has opened a new door in the design and build of my Furniture!"

Andy Gray-Ling, ManorWood Designs