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Epoxy Resin Countertop Kits

Our professional quality epoxy resin countertop kits include everything you need to give kitchen worksurfaces, bartops and more a stunning marble-effect make-over.

These countertop kits use the highest quality GlassCast 3 epoxy coating resin for a hard-wearing, super-smooth, high-gloss finish. They include specially selected, premium quality pigments and stone-like shimmer effects to create super-realistic, multi-facetted effects unlike anything possible from a simple laminate worktop.

Each countertop kit includes an accompanying video tutorial, demonstrating exactly how to achieve the effect, along with an easy-to-use 'colour card' which tells you exactly how much resin and pigments to use for different sized countertops.

The kits are available in 0.2sqm (sample size) 2sqm (small kitchen) and 6sqm (very large kitchen) kits. Each kit includes the correct amount of resin, hardener, pigments and shimmer effects. For any other sized kitchens or projects, simply purchase multiple kits according to your project area.

If you love the look of these resin countertops but would prefer to create your own bespoke colour combination it is still advisable to follow the Complete Epoxy Resin Countertop Tutorial and follow the accompanying free downloadable eBook for expert tips and advice. There is also guidance to help you work out quantities of resin and pigments, it's important to note that when using CULR pigments to create a highly opaque ‘primer coat’, a very high pigment ratio of 10% should be used. Such a high ratio will ensure the very strong, opaque colour necessary to block-out existing countertops or textures of wood substrates below. This ratio of 10% pigment to resin is especially important if using light colours like Super White or metallic CULR pigments.

The optional Accessory Kit included barrier tape, spreader, mixing equipment, gloves, abrasive paper and polishing compound to complete the job.

Our professional quality epoxy resin countertop kits include everything you need to give kitchen



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