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Emerald Pools Tray

by Claudia Barrasso Designs

Fluid artist Claudia created this stunning Emerald Pools Tray using GlassCast 3 resin with pigments, metallic alcohol ink and gold leaf flakes.

Claudia achieved this gorgeous result by pouring three separate layers to create a sense of depth between the gold leaf flakes, metallic alcohol ink and rich ivy pigments. The colour palette is inspired by the malachite sunbird, one of Claudia's favourite creatures! .

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

About Claudia Barrasso Designs

Claudia is a textile designer and fluid artist based in the UK. Creating luxury home-wares and accessories inspired by the natural world and ancient mythology.

Claudia began working with resin as a means to combine her passion for hand painting with a growing interest in interior design, and soon fell in love with the process!

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