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Bog Oak and Resin Honeycomb Table

by Special Works

To create this stunning coffee table Dragi from Special Works used a piece of Bog Oak over 6000 years old and cut it into precise hexagon shapes using a CNC router.

Having carefully arranged the hexagons within a polypropylene base and barriers. GlassCast 50 clear epoxy resin was mixed with Electric Blue metallic effect SHIMR powder and then poured into the negative space.

Once cured to the 'B-stage', a second batch of GlassCast 50 was mixed with black epoxy solid colour pigment and then poured to form the underside of the table.

Both surfaces were then machined, flatted and polished to a a high gloss.

About Special Works

Dragisa 'Dragi' Capljak from Special Works designs and builds stunning furniture, ranging from small lamps to dining tables and incorporating a wide range of styles and materials.

Dragi's designs focus on form, function and use to ensure that every project results in the perfect piece - both in terms of looks and functionality. Using interesting wood, epoxy resin, pigments and other materials, Dragi's use of processes and techniques along with his attention to detail results in top quality unique pieces of furniture.

Special Works also documents his projects through his very popular YouTube channel where he shares his artistic creations from beginning to end. The videos are a work of art in their own right and well worth watching.

Dragi has created solid resin and wood lamps, river tables and CNC pattern cut tables with resin coatings and deep cast sections and every project is finished and polished to a mirror shine.

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