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Neon Tinting Pigments

These day-glo neon pigments can be used to add a bright, see-through fluorescent colour to resin castings and coatings. Set of 6 of attention-grabbing colours!

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You must read essential safety information contained within the product datasheets before storage and use.

£11.95 (inc VAT)


Set of 6 Fluorescent Tinting Pigments for Epoxy Resin

These neon tinting pigments are 100% compatible with the GlassCast Resin range and can be used to tint the resin anywhere from a very subtle shade through to quite intense levels of colour, such as the neon yellow used in our resin plank table project.

The tints are designed to colour the resin without stopping light from passing through it meaning that tinted resin still maintains a good degree of transparency and depth. Light passing through the coloured resin seems to make it glow!


  • Concentrated colour - just a few drops for a subtle tint
  • Non-fading - UV resistant vibrant colours
  • GlassCast compatible - intended for use with epoxy resin

Set of 6 Neon Colours

Neon Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Green

How to Use

Using these GlassCast Resin Tinting Pigments couldn't be easier. Just mix your GlassCast resin and hardener together and then add drips of tinting pigment until you achieve the designed level of tint. To maintain a consistent colour across the whole project, tint all your resin first before adding any hardener and then just mix up batches as you need them.

Where are the Other Tinting Pigment Sets?

If you're looking for our other sets of tinting pigments, the sets of 6 Primary Colours and 10 Assorted Colours, these sets have now been replaced by our new CULR Universal Epoxy Colour Pigments.

The amazing new CULR pigments can be used to tint resin or to give it a solid colour; in fact, they're even better at tinting resin that our original tinting pigments because they mix into the resin quicker and are so concentrated that just a single 20ml bottle can be used to tint more than 50kg of resin! What's more, they're available in single colours as well as assorted sets so you only need to buy the colour or colours you want.

So, for standard (non-neon) colours, including all the classic colours for tinting resin river tables and similar projects, check out our new range of CURL Universal Pigments.


Quantity of Resin Subtle Tint Strong Tint
50g 1 drop (0.03g) 3 drops (0.09g)
100g 2 drops (0.06g) 6 drops (0.18g)
150g 3 drops (0.09g) 9 drops (0.27g)
200g 4 drops (0.12g) 12 drops (0.36g)
250g 5 drops (0.15g) 15 drops (0.45g)
500g 10 drops (0.30g) 30 drops (0.90g)
1kg 20 drops (0.60g) 60 drops (1.80g)
5kg 100 drops (3.00g) 300 drops (9g)

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