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Resin Tinting Pigments - 6 Primary Colours

These translucent tinting pigments are used to tint resin whilst still allowing a 'see through' effect, like stained glass. Add a few drops for a subtle tint or add more for a stronger colour.

Sold in three different sets of 25ml bottles, including NEON colours!

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You must read essential safety information contained within the product datasheets before storage and use.

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Translucent Tinting Pigments for Epoxy Resin

Choose from three different sets of these super-handy and easy-to-use resin tinting pigments. Use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose between the set of 6 Primary Colours, expanded set of 10 Assorted Colours, or the attention-grabbing set of 6 Neon Colours.

All sets of tinting pigments are 100% compatible with the GlassCast Resin range and can be used to tint the resin anywhere from a very subtle shade through to quite intense levels of colour just like a stained glass window.

The tints are designed to colour the resin without stopping light from passing through it meaning that tinted resin still maintains a good degree of transparency and depth, perfect for a range of creative effects.

The tints can be used on their own or combined to create an infinite possibilities of colours. Furthermore, tints can be combined with other effects such as our GlassCast metallic effect SHIMR powders to create a truly unique appearance.

Recommended Uses

  • Classic blue or green tints for river tables
  • Gemstone-like colours for jewellery castings
  • Subtle-tints for water-simulation
  • Vivid colours (including neon!) for resin plank tables


  • Concentrated colour - just a few drops for a subtle tint
  • Non-fading - UV resistant vibrant colours
  • GlassCast compatible - intended for use with epoxy resin

Mixed Colour Sets

Tint translucent tinting pigments are available to buy in one of three different mixed colour sets which include the following colours:

Set of 6 Primary Colours

  • 25ml Red
  • 25ml Green
  • 25ml Blue
  • 25ml Purple
  • 25ml Yellow
  • 25ml Orange

Set of 10 Assorted Colours

  • 25ml Red
  • 25ml Green
  • 25ml Blue
  • 25ml Purple
  • 25ml Yellow
  • 25ml Orange
  • 25ml Burnt Sienna
  • 25ml Black (for 'Tinted' or 'Smoked' effect)
  • 25ml Prussian Blue
  • 25ml Turquoise

Set of 6 Primary Colours

  • 25ml Neon Red
  • 25ml Neon Orange
  • 25ml Neon Yellow
  • 25ml Neon Pink
  • 25ml Neon Blue
  • 25ml Neon Green

How to Use

Using these GlassCast Resin Tinting Pigments couldn't be easier. Just mix your GlassCast resin and hardener together and then add drips of tinting pigment until you achieve the designed level of tint.

To maintain a consistent colour across the whole project, tint all your resin first before adding any hardener and then just mix up batches as you need them.


Quantity of Resin Subtle Tint Strong Tint
50g 1 drop (0.03g) 3 drops (0.09g)
100g 2 drops (0.06g) 6 drops (0.18g)
150g 3 drops (0.09g) 9 drops (0.27g)
200g 4 drops (0.12g) 12 drops (0.36g)
250g 5 drops (0.15g) 15 drops (0.45g)
500g 10 drops (0.30g) 30 drops (0.90g)
1kg 20 drops (0.60g) 60 drops (1.80g)
5kg 100 drops (3.00g) 300 drops (9g)

Questions Asked About Translucent Tinting Pigments

GlassCast tinting pigments have a good level of UV resistance. In the time we have used and tested them we have not seen any measurable degradation due to UV exposure. However, like all inks and pigments, eventually over many years we would expect a small and gradual degradation as no inks are 100% UV stable.

These pigments have NOT been tested on animals and contain NO animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients.>/p>

When adding less than the recommended amount of GlassCast translucent tinting pigment, the more translucent the resin mix will be, conversely the more tinting pigment will result in a more intense shade, and less translucent resin.

The GlassCast tinting pigments are classed as non-toxic although they do not carry any specific food safety approval.

No, the Neon tinting pigments do not glow in the dark, they will however glow when exposed to a UV/black light. The colours are very bright and appear luminous in daylight.

Yes, you can mix any of the GlassCast translucent tinting pigments together to achieve new colours and you can also mix in our SHIMR metallic colours too.

The tinting pigments can be used in this way to create swirls and different artistic effects. Such effects will need some practice to perfect, ultimately the limit is going to be down to your imagination and also ability with the materials.

Our GlassCast translucent tinting pigments are only available in the pre-packed 6 or 10 colour packs, so we are not able to send them out individually at present.

Yes the GlassCast translucent tinting pigments are oil based.

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