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Matt Giles' Resin Penny Floor

Resin Penny Floor using GlassCast 3 by Matt Giles

Resin Penny Floor using GlassCast®3 by Matt Giles

Back in 2016 we gave a customer some advice on doing a penny floor in his kitchen and supplied him with GlassCast 3 epoxy resin for the project. A short while later that customer, Matt Giles, got in touch to say that he had made a video of the process and uploaded it to YouTube – the video was subsequently picked up by Unilad and the video went viral!

Matt was inspired by projects he’d seen online but which seemed to be originating from overseas, so he decided to do his own project and give his kitchen floor a makeover and make a video while he was at it!

So, 27,000 1p coins, some GlassCast and an awful lot of hard work later – Matt was the proud owner of an amazing Penny Floor and to top it off had ‘gone viral!’

You may have seen some of Matt’s furniture projects under the NuvaCasa name. They are a creative team who love reusing and recycling things to give them a new and interesting look by incorporating materials like resin to give something old a new feel, and have encapsulated pennies, 5p’s ,bottle tops and medals with GlassCast on floors, tables and upcycled cable reels.

"Matt's DIY Penny Floor Project video certainly inspired lots of other customers to take on their own resin projects. We love making tutorial videos ourselves and so it's great to see customers producing their own videos, especially when they end up being a viral sensation! Thanks Matt!"

GlassCast Resin

Find out more about Matt's current NuvaCasa projects or connect through:

Matt Giles from NuvaCasa

"I'm a maker of bespoke tables from recycled products. I don't like anything to go to waste and always look for ways to use products that would otherwise be discarded. I mainly focus on cable reel designs, using old cable reels and turning them into unique and bespoke pieces of furniture. My go to product is GlassCast, the product is fantastic and is available in coating and casting options depending on the pour thickness, so gives me lots of variety to ensure I get that perfect glass type finish to all my designs."

"I also created the UK Penny Floor Project video that went viral using 27,000 pennies and GlassCast 3!"

Matt Giles, NuvaCasa